1.It is important/essential/crucial/significant/vital for someone to do…对某人来说,做某事是重要要的

例:It is vital for human beings to take immediate action to protect wild animals.


2.There is little doubt that….毫无疑问

例:There is little doubt that more and more people are moving from rural areas to large cities。


3.be put under threat of 遭受某物的威胁

例:Citizens are put under threat of getting infected with the virus.


4.Those who…那些…的人

例:Those who eat fast food very often tend to gain much more weight.

5.The reason why…is that…原因是…

例:The reason why fast food dominates our dining table is that governments fail to protect a nation’s traditional food industry.


6.We must keep in mind that…我们必须牢记

例:We must keep in mind that we are not children any more,and we should be independent.


7.enable someone to do…使某人能够做某事

例:The new test should enable doctors to detect the disease early.

8.It is no exaggerations to say that …毫不夸张的说

例:It is no exaggerations to say that university study totally changed my life.


9.Believe it or not 无论信不信

例:Believe it or not,many fresh graduates of today can hardly to adapt to this competitive society.


10.adjust oneself to 调整自己以便适应

例:We need to adjust oneselves to the competitive job market.


11.It concerns many parents that…..某事引发了很多父母的担忧

例:It concerns many parents that some children may be exposed to school bullying.


12.be put under pressure to do…..迫于压力做某事

例:We need to admit that many of us were put under pressuer to learn


13.play a key part in…在某物中起着关键作用

例:CPU plays a key part in many electrical things such as PC,smart phones and tablets.


14.lay the groundwork for…为什么…打下基础

例:Theoretical knowledge we got from schools lays the groundwork for our university study.

15.have no choice but to do…别无选择,只能做某事

例句:We actually have no chioce but to work hard to earn a living


16. …is just a desirable idea rather than an achievable reality.某事只是一个美好的愿望,而不是一个可以实现的目标

例:Gender equality is just a desirable idea rather than an achievable reality.


17. …has\have considerable influence on 对某物有这巨大的影响

例:Parents have considerable influence on the behavioral development of children.


18. ..is a subject close to one’s heart 是某人关心的话题

例:Teen’s puppy love is a subject close to many parten’s heart


19.arouse one’s desire to do…引发某人做某事的欲望

例:TV advertising can arouse our desire to buy someting that looks fashionable.

20.spare no effort to do…不遗余力的做某事

例:As President of United States,I’m going to spare no effort to respond to this crisis.

21.take stringent measures to do…采取严格措施做某事

例:Governments shuold take stringent measures to curb enviromental degradation.


22.Proper measures must be taken to…我们必须采取适当的措施去做某事

例:Proper measures must be taken to limit the number of foreign tourists.


23.devote too much energy and time to…为某人和某物投入太多的精力和时间

例:People of today devote too much energy and time to work


24.pay a heavy price for 为…付出沉重的代价

例:Human beings have paid a heavy price for the ignorance of ecological protection.


25.make extraordinary progress in……在某方面取得了巨大的进步

例:Human beings have made extraordinary progress in knowledge and technology over the recent decades.


26.translate…into action 将某事物付诸于行动

例:The conference aimed to translate the prinicples of the International Charter of Physical Education and Sport into action.


27.fail to do… 未能做某事

例:For every one hundred graduates of for-profit colleges,eighteen fail to repay their federal student loans.


28.fall victim to… 成为…的受害者

例:Yet in reality,a tourist is far more likely to fall victim to health problems.


29.provide someone with…给某人提供某物

例:The project is designed to provide young people with employment opportunities.


30.profit from… 得益于

例:Hight school students may profit from volunteering in many respects.


31.There is a definite link betweenA and B A和B之间有着必然的联系

例:There is a definite link between the imbalanced dietary habits and chronic diseases.


32.raise the public awareness of… 提高公众……的意识

例:Local and federal authorities are also preparing a national campaign to raise public awareness of water consumption.


33.would rather do… than do… 宁愿做某事,而不是……

例:Many teenagers would rather live alone than stay with parents.


34.put… on the top of one’s agenda 把……作为某人的首要任务

例:As seniors, they need to put college application on the top of their agenda.


35.assume the responsibility for doing… 承担着做某事的责任

例:Every citizen needs to assume the responsibility for protecting the ecological environment.


36.The root cause of… is that… 某事物的根源在于

例:The root cause of traffic congestion in big cities is that the road network is not well-designed.


37.be vulnerable to… 易受到某事物的影响/攻击/伤害等

例:Their theories were badly thought out and very vulnerable to ridicule.


38.get a clear perspective of… 对某事物有了更清晰的认识

例:Travelling to remote natural areas enables us to get a clear perspective of this planet.


39.markedly increase或cut down the government expenditure 显著增加/减少政府的财政支出

例:Higher unemployment rate will markedly increase the government expenditure in training people who do not have skills required by new jobs.


40.at the expense of… 以牺牲……为代价

例:Texas has invested heavily in wind power but not at the expense of oil production.


41.make someone more tolerant and open-minded 让某人对不同的事物更加包容

例:Traveling can discover new ways of thinking and different lifestyles, which makes people more tolerant and open-minded.


42.be tempted into doing… 被引诱去做某事

例:People who live at the bottom of society are more likely to be tempted into committing crimes as a way to earn a living.


43.Gone are the days when………的日子一去不复返了

例:Gone are the days when people did the same job for a lifelong time.


44.impose a burden on… 给某人增加了负担

例:Rising housing prices will impose an addition burden on young people.


45.allocate money to sth. 拨款给……

例:Governments need to allocate more money to the development of basic education.


46.It is about time… 早就应该……

例:It is about time governments allocated more money to basic education.


47.result in… 导致

例:The unsatisfiedness of the workmen resulted in a strike.


48.arouse one’s desire to do… 激起某人做某事的冲动

例:Commercials can arouse our desire to buy new products.


49.There is no substitute for…某物是无法被取代的

例:There is no substitute for the role of teachers play in the education of children.


50.facilitate the development of…促进某物的发展

例:The new airport will facilitate the development of tourism.


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