Unit 1 ReservationsPPT

Part A Exercise 1


M: I’d like to book a double room with bath for four nights.

W: Sorry, sir. We’re full up. Can I recommend the Park Hotel to you? It is quite near here.

Q: What does the woman suggest that the man do?


M: I’d like to see Mr. Jones this afternoon, please.

W: I’m sorry but Mr. Jones will be busy the whole afternoon. Can you manage at 10:30 tomorrow morning?

Q: What does the woman say to the man?


W: Can I book two tickets for the show ―42nd Street‖ on Sunday night, Oct. 31st?

M: Sorry, madam. All the tickets on that night are sold out. But tickets are available for Nov.3rd(十一月三号).

Q: When can the woman see the show?


M: I’d like to reserve two tickets on Flight 6051 to Edinburgh, for October 20th.

W: Sorry, Sir. We’re booked up on the 20th .But we still have a few seats available on the 21st.

Q: When does the man want to leave for Edinburgh?


W: Garden Restaurant. May I help you?

M: Can you make arrangements for a table for six at eight this evening? In a quiet corner, please.

Q: What does the man want to do?

1. What does the woman suggest that man do? [a. reserve the room in another hotel]

2. What does the woman say to the man? [c. Mr. Jones can see the man sometime the next morning.]

3. When can the woman see the show? [d. Nov.3rd]

4. When does the man want to leave for Edinburgh? [a. on the 20th of October.]

5. What does the man want to do? [d. Book a table for six people at 8:00]

Exercise 2

W: Hello. Dazhong Taxi Company.

M: Hello. Can I book a taxi to the West Lake Hotel, Hangzhou?

W: Sure. What time?

M: 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

W: Your address, please?

M: Room 1008, Peace Hotel.

W: And your name?

M: Jack Smith.

W: OK, Mr Smith.

M: Thank you.

W: Not at all.

Jack Smith Rm 1008.Peach Hotel 9 tomorrow morning West Lake Hotel, Hangzhou

Part B Conversation 1

I’d like to make a reservation

Operator: Glory Inn, Atlanta.

Paul: Hi, this is Paul Lambert. I’m the manager of the band Country Boys. You know, the rock band from Chicago. I want …

Operator: Please hold, Mr. Lambert. I’m putting your through to the reservation manager.

Paul: But …

Manager: Mr. Lambert? This is Laurie Perry, the hotel manager.

Paul: Oh, yeah? Well, I need five rooms for Friday night. That’s the 15th. I want the best room in the hotel.

Manager: Sorry, I’m afraid I cannot accept your reservation. Paul: Now look, we always stay at the Glory Inn…

Manager: I know that, Last time you were here, we had a number of complaints from other guests.

Paul: You mean they don’t like long-haired rock musicians

Manager: That’s not the problem, sir. The band used bad language in the coffee shop, and threw two TV sets into the pool.

Paul: Yeah, yeah. Well, I’11 tell them to be more careful this time.

Manager: I’m afraid that’s not all, sir. You haven’t paid the account for the last time yet。

Paul: I’m sorry. I’ll put a check in the mail right away

Manager: Please do. Paul: So, what about our reservation for Friday?

Manager: I’11 answer that very simply, sir, No way!

Exercise 1:

1. Why was Paul Lambert calling the Glory Inn? [a. to book hotel rooms at the Glory Inn for his rock musicians]

2. Who might the first woman be? [c. an operator ]

3. What did Me. Lambert promise to do on the phone? [a. tell his musicians to be more careful this time.]

4. What happened to Mr. Lambert’s request for a reservation? [b. it would not be accepted even if he paid his earlier account.]

5. What might be true of Ms. Laurie Perry, the hotel’s reservations manager? [a. she makes decisions on the basis of principles.]

Exercise 2:

1. five rooms in total √ rooms on the top floor √ the best rooms in the hotel √

2. They damaged the hotel’s property. √ They talked rudely in the coffee shop. √ They did not pay the account when they left the hotel. √

Conversation 2

Marcel Always Does My Hair

M: Good morning. Unisex Hairdresser’s.

W: Good morning. I’d like to make an appointment, please, for three o’clock this afternoon, with Marcel.

M: Let me see … I’m sorry Marcel’s busy at three. Can you suggest another day, madam?

W: No. I’ve an important meeting to attend tonight and I must have my hair done before five. So how about 3:30?

M: I’m afraid Marcel is busy all afternoon.

W: What a nuisance!

M: I’m terribly sorry, madam. But you should always book well in advance.

W: I know. I know. But it’s short notice for me, too.

W: OK, then. What time will he be available?

M: Then may I suggest Tom O’Neil? He is just as good as Marcel.

W: But Marcel always does my hair. He knows what style I usually wear.

M: But everybody says Tom can quickly figure out the best style for a particular customer.

M: Er… actually he is busy all afternoon too. But luckily, one of his customers has just called to cancel her appointment. So if you can be here at 2:45, I can fit you in. You’ll be his first customer this afternoon.

W: That would be nice then. Thank you. You’re really very helpful.

M: You’re welcome.

Exercise 1: P.5

1. What was the purpose of the woman’s call? [b. to make an appointment to have her hair done by Marcel.]

2. Why didn’t the woman make an appointment with Marcel well in advance? [ a. she was informed of her meeting this evening only a short while ago.]

3. What do you know about the woman? [d. she is Marcel’s regular customer.]

4. What did the man on the phone suggest? [c. that the woman have her hair done by another hairdresser.]

5. How did the woman feel in the end? [a. pleased.]

Exercise 2:

1. He is the woman’s favorite hairdresser. √ He has an appointment with another customer. √ He is a popular hairdresser at the Unisex Hairdresser. √

2. Tom is just as good as Marcel. √ Tom can quickly figure out the best style for a particular customer. √ Tome has never done the woman’s hair before. √

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