Unit 3 AgePPT

Part A

1. I’m Emi. My husband is going to be forty at the weekend. It’s a special birthday, and in England we say, ―Life begins at 40.‖ he is going to have a big party with all his friends and relatives, but he doesn’t know that .It is going to be a surprise. What am I going to give my husband? I can’t say. That is a surprise, too.

Q. what is Emi going to do for her …? ( To throw a surprise party for his 40th birthday.)

2. My name is Elena. I live in Madrid, Spain. My 21st birthday is on Saturday, and I am going to go out with some friends. To wish me a happy birthday, they are going to pull on my ear 21 times, once for each year. It is an old custom. Some people do it only once, but my friends are very traditional.

Q. What is the old custom …? (Pulling on the birthday person’s ear 21 times.)

3. My name is Philippe. I am going to be 30 next Sunday. To make the most of the day I’ll invite three very good friends out to dinner. In France, you often invite people out on your birthday. I know that in some countries it is the opposite—-people take you out.

Q. What is Philippe going …? (To invite three very good friends out to dinner.)

Part B Conversation 1 You sure don’t look it Amy: Wow, it is hard to believe you are 60 years old, Sophie. You sure don’t look it. Brian: Yeah, you seem so much younger—- and have more energy than most people I know my age. Sophie: Thank you, you are sweet, Brian. And I must say, I don’t feel 60, either. I guess staying active is the key , and being positive. Brian: Hmmm, I wonder what we will be doing when we are your age? Amy: It is difficult to imagine what I will be doing ten years from now—- let alone when I am 60. Brian: You, Amy? Ten years from now? That is easy. You will be a successful doctor and you will be running two or three large clinics. Sophie: And you will have already discovered a cure for some terrible disease. Amy: By the time I am 30? Oh, not likely—–but I do kind of like the idea. Sophie: What about you, Brian? What do you think you will be doing in ten years? Do you think you will still be working for the same company?

hmm, good question. Actually, I doubt it. May be I will have started my own business by then. Hey, I know… I will own a chain of computer stores. How does that sound? Amy: And you will have opened branch stores in every major city in the country. Brian: I like this idea. Sophie: That is being very positive. Amy: Right, we can all dream, Brian.

Exercise 1: P.23

1. What is the conversation mainly about? [d. an old lady and two young people are chatting about what life will be like in ten years’time.]

2. What is Sophie’s key to staying young and energetic? [c. she tries to stay active and holds an optimistic attitude toward life.]

3. What do you know about Amy and Brian? [d. Amy is a medical student and Brian is working for a computer company.]

4. What can you learn from the conversation? [c. it is important for older people to take an interest in various kinds of activities.]

Exercise 2: Amy: A successful doctor; 2 or 3 large clinics; a cure for some terrible disease Brian: his own business; a chain of computer stores; branch stores in every major city in the country Conversation 2 Do you mind if I ask you how old you are?

M: Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

W: Actually, I’d rather not say. But put it the way, I am on the wrong side of 30.

M: Is that a good age to be?

W: Um, yes, pretty good. But it is a lot older than 25, which is how old I feel.

M: What is life like when you are in your thirties?

W: Well, not very different from my twenties except that I am seriously thinking of buying more expensive face creams, and wondering if they really work.

M: What do you think is the best age to be ?

W: I think between 25 and 30 is a good age , because you have kind of sorted out what you want and you know how to get it and you have got some experience of trying to get it. At the age you don’t know think about the consequences of what you do whereas when you are a bit older you do tend to worry about the consequences.

M: So do you wish you were still 25?

W: No, I am happy at the age I am now. I mean I had a good time in my twenties, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to relive them.

M: I see.

Exercise 1: P.25

1. How old is the woman? [c. over thirty]

2. What is probably the relationship between the two speakers? [b. Interview and interviewee]

3. What is the man mainly trying to find out from the woman? [a. what is the best age of one’s life and how she …]

4. What can you learn about the woman from the conversation? [d. she had a good life when she was younger …]

5. Which of the following expresses the woman’s idea? [c. people who are a bit older tend to hesitate …]

Exercise 2:

1. She is on the wrong side of 30/over 30.

2. Yes. It’s pretty good.

3. 25

4. Between 25 and 30. Because by then you know what you want with life and how to get it.

5. They tend to be worried about consequences of what they do.

6. She had a good time but she wouldn’t necessarily want to relive it.

7. No. She’s happy at her age now. Brian:

Age is a Sensitive Subject P.29

1. Why is age a very sensitive subject to many westerners? [a. they know how much people …].

2. How could you make people very happy when talking about their age according to the passage? [d. take 10 years …]

3. What does the passage say about many middle-aged people in the West? [c. they feel flattered bein…] I hate birthday

1. What is one of the reasons why Edward hated birthdays? [a. because it reminds him that he’s getting older.]

2. Why did Edward’s aunt call him one day? [b. to invite him to a birthday party for his cousin.]

3. What can be the best topic of the story? [c. an unwanted present]

4. What lesson can be learned from the story? [ a. Carelessness can result in great embarrassment]

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