Unit 5 SportsPPT

Part A

Exercise 1 Drawing inferences


W: Dick, how did Chris do in the 1oo-meter race?

M: Well, he had a very good start but he quickly fell behind.

Q: What does the man say about Chris?


W: Are you going to play table tennis with us today?

M: I promised Paul I’d go swimming with him.

Q: What does the man mean?


W: Bill, it’s a shame you didn’t win the tennis match.

M: I might have won if i listen to my coach.

Q: What can you infer from the man’s response?


W: Shall we run around the sports field or go for a bike ride?

M: It makes no differences to me. Both are good activities.

Q: What does the woman mean?


W: You look great since you started going to the gym regularly.

M: Thanks. I’ve never fell better in my life.

Q: What does the man mean?


1. What does the man say about Chris? [d. he didn’t win the race]

2. what does the man mean? [a. he won’t join the woman]

3. what can you infer form the man’s response? [c. he didn’t follow his coach’s instructions ]

4. what does the woman mean? [c. it doesn’t matter which activity they do]

5. what does the man mean? [d. he has benefited form working out in the gym]

Exercise 2 A great many people in the world consider 1) playing a sport they like an essential part of their life. They like to spend time, effort and money on sports because they want to 2) keep fit and 3) live a more active life; 4) have a sense of personal achievement and 5) meet people with similar interests.

Part B A passage

The Olympic Park

To host the 29 summer Olympic Games in 2008, Beijing needs stadiums in all. Thirty of them will be in Beijing, with 15 of them newly built. The first on the list is the building of the Olympic Park or ―Olympic Green‖. The Olympic Green will be located at the northern tip of central Beijing, to the north of downtown area and to the east of a district famous for science, education and historical buildings. Covering a total area of 1,215 hectares, the Olympic Green consists of 760 hectares of woods and grassland, a 50-hectare Chinese Nationalities Museum and a 405-hectare International Exhibition and Sports centre. The Olympic Green will become a state- of-the-art centre of cultural, recreational sports activities in Beijing. The Olympic Green also has an area of sports venues. In the area, an 80,000-seat, ain stadium and 15 other sports venues are now under construction. When completed, they will be able to host 12 major sports competitions at the same time, including track and field events. The international Exhibition and Sports centre will also be built in this area. The design of the Olympic Green has taken serious considerations about how to meet IOC’s standard of environmental protection. It uses materials that are environment-friendly and equipment that needs less energy to run so as to protect the environment. All this will help the Beijing Olympic Games to be remembered as the greenest Olympics.

Exercise 1: P.42

1. how many stadiums need to be build in Beijing for the 29th Summer Olympic Games? [c.15]

2. where will the Olympic Green be located in the city? [d. somewhere in central Beijing, next to a …]

3. what will not be constructed inside the park? [c. the National Swimming Pool]

4. What future use might be Olympic Park have after the games? [a. an exciting center for …]

5. what is the passage mainly about? [c. Beijing’s Olympic Park under construction]

Exercise 2: True statements: 1, 2, 3, 5 A conversation

Do you like sports?

W: Hello, sir. Can I help you?

M: Yes…Er, have you read about the World Cup in today’newspaper, miss?

W: Yes, I have. Are you interested in football?

M: Well, yes. I am. Wonderful game, football. It is so exciting. All the fans shout and cheer so much that you can hardly hear anything.

W: Yes, you’re right. Now, what shoes can I show you, sir?

M: I like all sports and games.

W: Oh, yes?

M: Yes. Football, cricket, swimming. Can you swim?

W: I’m not a good swimmer, but I go swimming once in a while.

M: What about tennis? That’s a good game.

W: Yes. You said it.

M: I’m crazy about tennis. I never miss Wimbledon. I see it every year.

W: Oh?

M: And how about running? The oldest sport in the world. Wonderful. One man is trying to run faster than other men. Do you run?

W: No, never. I just play table tennis, and swim, and I walk quite a lot. Now, what kind of shoes do you want, sir?

M: You don’t play golf, then?

W: No. I can’t afford it.

M: I really like golf. Mid you, I like all sports. Games as well.

W: You’re a real sportsman, sir. Perhaps you want some tennis shoes or running shoes?

M: Er…no.

W: Football boots?

M: No. I want some carpet slippers – like those.

W: Carpet slippers?

M: Yes. I want to be comfortable when I’m watching television.

Exercise 1: P.44

1. what is the probable relationship between the man and the woman? [c. customer and shop assistant]

2. what does the man like to do? [d. he talks a lot about sports and watches sports games on TV at home.]

3. how does he like tennis? [b. he had never missed watching any tennis games held at Wimbledon]

4. what can you infer from the conversation? [a. the man doesn’t’seem to play any sports.]

Exercise 2: P.45 True statements: 4, 6, 7, 10 P.48. 1) maintain 2) relaxing 3) team 4) individual 5) addition 6) mountain 7) attraction 8) quite a lot of people prefer to be spectators 9) when there is an important baseball game or boxing match, it is almost impossible to get tickets. 10) It’s important for everyone to relax from time to time and enjoy some form of recreation.

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