Unit 7 ComparisonsPPT

Part A

Making Comparisons

Exercise 1


M: I was hoping you’d wear your red dress. It’s much prettier.

W: But this blue silk dress is more comfortable for hot weather.


M: If I were you, I’d live in the city instead of traveling all the way to work by train.

W: But the country is so beautiful and the people are so friendly.


M: Did you hear the Golden Gate Restaurant is a nice place to eat in?

W: But I hear the Red Rose is much better. The food is tasty and the service is good.


M: I hear you’ve been to Hong Kong and Singapore recently. Tell me about the two cities.

W: Well, Singapore is quite small but very clean. It has some very good shops but you can’t compare them with those in Hong Kong.


W: I enjoy all kinds of sports. What kind of sports do you like?

M: Football has appealed to me very much before I learned to play tennis. Now I think nothing can compare with basketball.

Exercise 1: P.58

1. which dress did the woman wear? [d. the more comfortable dress for hot days.]blue silk dress…….

2. what does the woman mean? [a. she prefers to live in the countryside]

3. what does the man mean? [b. he’s like to eat at the Red Rose Restaurant.]

4. What can you learn form the conversation? [c. Hong Kong is a better place for shopping than Singapore]

5. what kind of sports does the man like best now? [b. basketball]

Exercise 2:

1) nowadays 2) perfect 3) dying 4) higher 5) Medical, 6) painful 7)cure 8) apart from basic health care, people in the old days didn’t have so many choices about their lifestyles. 9) People worked long hours and therefore didn’t have much free time to follow hobbies or develop interests. 10) It used to take weeks for mail and news to travel from one part of the world to another.

Part B

Passage 1

This Room Looks a Bit of a Mess

At first sight this room looks a bit of a mess. A real eccentric lives here. You can tell it’s a woman because there are cushions everywhere—men don’t like cushions. Cushions may look attractive, but nine times out of ten, they don’t make seats more comfortable. But that’s typical of the different ways men and women look at homes—men are often more practical, while women are more concerned with aesthetics. The room is very cluttered —there are far too many things in the room, and every surface is covered with some ornament. There isn’t really enough furniture here—She could do with a few shelves or cupboards to put all the things in. But this is not a practical person. This is somebody who lives in the world of imagination—perhaps a children’s book writer. There’s something special about this room as far as color is concerned. There are loads of bright colors at all. Also, there is very little natural light as the windows are all shut and the curtains drawn. On the other hand, there are a lot of indoor plants in the room. There are also all kinds of cut flowers in vases, bottles and bowls. The flowers and the green do help bring this person down to earth. And the bright colors definitely suggest a person who is warm-hearted and sociable.

Exercise 1: P.61.

1. what does the speaker think of the woman? [c. he thinks she has a complex personality, living in both t…]

2. what is the speaker’s idea about cushions? [d. they show clearly whether it is a man or a woman who…]

3. what does the speaker think about the plants and cut flowers in the woman’s room? [b. they show that the …]

4. which of the following adjectives best describes the speaker’s attitude? [b. Subjective]

Exercise 2:

1. The woman’s room a) a bit of mess/cluttered b) cushions c) covered with some ornament d) bright colors, soft colors e) all shut, drawn, there is almost no natural light f) doesn’t have enough furniture, shelves, cupboards will make the room less cluttered g) indoor plants and cut flowers, vases, bottles and bowls

2. The woman’s personal life

W: M: M: W:

a) practical; concerned with aesthetics b) imagination c) warm-hearted, sociable

Passage 2

A Room with No Personal Objects

It is more difficult to tell what types of a person lives in this room because there are very few clues here. I think it’s a man because there are hardly any personal objects on display—for instance, there aren’t any family photos around the place. But there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that he’s an international businessman, someone who spends most of his time traveling. There are a couple of oriental rugs which are probably worth a lot of money, and a few other ornaments which suggest that he has traveled to countries in the Middle East. Most of the furniture is functional rather than decorative. I think there’s somebody who doesn’t actually spend much time at home, and when he does, he’s tidy. Probably he has somebody to clean his place once or twice a week. The lack of decoration suggests that he wants to be ready to pack his bags and leave at short notice. He seems to have little time to socialize, except, perhaps, in a working context. Maybe he’d have a working lunch sometimes with his partner or discuss a business deal with a client over dinner. It’s very unlikely that he’d ever entertain at home. He’s single, and maybe the sort of person who has problems with commitment in personal relationships.

Exercise 1: P.62

1. what evidence in the room suggests that the owner of the room might be an international businessman? [a. a couple ..]

2. what does the lack of decoration in the room tell us about the owner? [b. the owner travels a lot so he …]

3. what might be true about the man? [a. he is interested in oriental ornaments]

4. which of the following is most appropriate to describe the man’s room? [ a. clean, tidy and functional,….]

Exercise 2:

1. The man’s room a) personal objects; family photos b) valuable things; oriental rugs; ornaments from the Middle East c) decoration; very clean d) functional; decorative

2. The man’s personal life a) traveling b) to socialize c) working lunch with his partner; discusses a business deal; over dinner d) entertains/spends time at home e) commit himself in personal relationships

Part D


1. what kind of clothes does the speaker like? [b. casual wear]

2. what do the twin sisters have in common? [c. they seldom lose their temper]

3. why aren’t the speaker and Jane sharing a room now? [d. because they have very different habits.]


1. what is passage mainly about? [c. how Thanksgiving Day and Christmas differ from each other.

2. which of the following is true of Christmas? [d. it is linked to almost every aspect of Western culture.]

3. which of the following is true of Thanksgiving Day? [b. it is a simple holiday for family.]

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