NCE1-L063 Thank you,doctor 谢谢你,医生PPT

Who else is in bed today? Why?

DOCTOR: How’s Jimmy today?

MRS. WILLIAMS: Better. Thank you, doctor.

DOCTOR: Can I see him please, Mrs. Williams?

MRS. WILLIAMS: Certainly, doctor. Come upstairs.

DOCTOR: You look very well, Jimmy.

You are better now, but you mustn’t get up yet.

You must stay in bed for another two days.

The boy musn’t go to school yet, Mrs. Williams.

And he mustn’t eat rich food.

MRS. WILLIAMS: Does he have a temperature, doctor?

DOCTOR: No, he doesn’t.

MRS. WILLIAMS: Must he stay in bed?

DOCTOR: Yes. He must remain in bed for another two days.

He can get up for about two hours each day,

but you must keep the room warm.

Where’s Mr. Williams this evening?

MRS. WILLIAMS: He’s in bed, doctor. Can you see him please?

He has a bad cold, too!

New Word and expressions 生词和短语


adj. 形容词well的比较级


adv. 当然

get up



adv. 还,仍


adj. 油腻的


n. 食物


v. 保持,继续

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