NCE1-L071 He’s awful! 他讨厌透了!PPT

How did Pauline answer the telephone at nine o’clock?

JANE: What’s Ron Marston like, Pauline?

PAULINE: He’s awful! He telephoned me four times Yesterday, and three times the day before yesterday.

PAULINE: He telephoned the office yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon. My boss answered the telephone.

JANE: What did your boss say to him?

PAULINE: He said, “Pauline is typing typing letters. She can’t speak to you now!”

PAULINE: Then I arrived home at six o’clock yesterday evening. He telephoned again. But I didn’t answer the phone!

JANE: Did he telephone again last night?

PAULINE: Yes, he did. He telephoned at nine o’clock.

JANE: What did you say to him?

PAULINE: I said, “This is Pauline’s mother. Please don’t telephone my daughter again!”

JANE: Did he telephone again?

PAULINE: No, he didn’t!

New Word and expressions 生词和短语


adj. 让人讨厌的,坏的


v. & n. 打电话;电话


n. 次(数)


v. 接(电话)


adj. 最后的,前一次的


n. 电话(=telephone)


adv. 又一次地

say (said/sed/)

v. 说

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