NCE1-L105 Full of mistakes 错误百出PPT

Where’s Sandra, Bob?

I want her.

Do you want to speak to her?

Yes, I do.

I want her to come to my office.

Tell her to come at once.

Did you want to see me?

Ah, yes, Sandra.

How do you spell ‘intelligent’?

Can you tell me?


That’s right.

You’ve typed it with only one ‘L’.

This letter’s full of mistakes.

I want you to type it again.

Yes, I’ll do that.

I’m sorry about that.

And here’s a little present for you.

What is it?

It’s a dictionary.

I hope it’ll help you.

New Word and expressions 生词和短语


v. 拼写


adj. 聪明的,有智慧的


n. 错误


n. 礼物


n. 词典

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