NCE1-L107 It’s too small. 太小了。PPT

What kind of dress does the lady want?

A:Do you like this dress, madam?

B:I like the color very much. It’s a lovely dress, but it’s too small for me.

A:What about this one? It’s a lovely dress. It’s very smart. Short skirts are in fashion now. Would you like to try it?

B:All right. I’m afraid this green dress is too small for me as well. It’s smaller than the blue one. I don’t like the color either. It does’t suit me at all. I think the blue dress is prettier. Could you show me another blue dress? I want a dress like that one, but it must be my>

A:I’m afraid I haven’t got a larger dress. This is the largest dress in the shop!

New Word and expressions 生词和短语


n. 夫人,女士(对妇女的尊称)


adj. 漂亮的

as well



v. 适于


adj. 漂亮的

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