NCE1-L129 Seventy miles an hour 时速70英里PPT

What does Ann advise her husband to do next time?

A:Look, Gary! That policeman’s waving to you. He wants you to stop.

B:Where do you think you are? On a race track? You must have been driving at seventy miles an hour!

C:I can’t have been. I was doing eighty when I overtook you.

B:Didn’t you see the speed limit?

C:I’m afraid I didn’t, officer. I must have been dreaming.

A:He wasn’t dreaming, officer. I was telling him to drive slowly.

C:That’s why I didn’t see the sign.

B:Let me see your driving license. I won’t charge you this time, but you’d better not do it again!

C:Thank you. I’ll certainly be more careful.

A:I told you to drive slowly, Gary.

C:You always tell me to drive slowly, darling.

A:Well, next time you’d better take my advise!


New Word and expressions 生词和短语

wave v. 招手

track n. 跑道

mile n. 英里

overtake (overtook, overtaken) v. 从后面超越,超车

speed limit 限速

dream v. 做梦,思想不集中

sign n. 标记,牌子

driving licence 驾驶执照

charge v. 罚款

darling n. 亲爱的(用作表示称呼)

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