NCE1-L131 Don’t be so sure! 别那么肯定!PPT

What’s the problem about deciding on a holiday?

A:Where are you going to spend your holiday this year, Gary?

B:We may go abroad. I’m not sure. My wife wants to go to Egypt. I’d like to go there, too. We can’t make up our minds.

A:Will you travel by sea or by air?

B:We may travel by sea.

A:It’s cheaper, isn’t it?

B:It may be cheaper, but it takes a long time.

A:I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourselves.

B:Don’t be so sure. We might not go anywhere. My wife always worryied too much. Who’s going to look after the dog? Who’s going to look after the house? Who’s going to look after the garden? We have this problem every year. In the end, we stay at home and look after every thing!

New Word and expressions 生词和短语


n. 埃及


adv. 国外


v. 担忧

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