NCE2-L10 Not for jazz 不适于演奏爵士乐PPT

What happened to the clavichord?

We have an old musical instrument. It is called a clavichord. It was made in Germany in 1681. Our clavichord is kept in the living room. It has belonged to our family for a long time. The instrument was bought by my grandfather many years ago. Recently it was damaged by a visitor. She tried to play jazz on it! She struck the keys too hard and two of the strings were broken. My father was shocked. Now we are not allowed to touch it. It is being repaired by a friend of my father’s.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

jazz n. 爵士音乐

musical adj. 音乐的

instrument n. 乐器

clavichord n. 古钢琴

recently adv. 最近

damage v. 损坏

key n. 琴键

string n. (乐器的)弦

shock v. 使不悦或生气,震惊

allow v. 允许,让

touch v. 触摸


我家有件古乐器,被称作古钢琴,是1681年德国造的。我们的这架古钢琴存放在起居室里。我们家有这件乐器已经很久了, 是我祖父在很多年以前买的。可它最近被一个客人弄坏了,因为她用它来弹奏爵士乐。她在击琴键时用力过猛,损坏了两根琴弦。我父亲大为吃惊,不许我们再动它。父亲的一个朋友正在修理这件乐器。

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