NCE2-L13 The Greenwood Boys 绿林少年PPT

Why will the police have a difficult time?

The Greenwood Boys are a group of pop singers. At present, they are visiting all parts of the country. They will be arriving here tomorrow. They will be coming by train and most of the young people in the town will be meeting them at the station. Tomorrow evening they will be singing at the Workers’ Club. The Greenwood Boys will be staying for five days. During this time, they will give five performances. As usual, the police will have a difficult time. They will be trying to keep order. It is always the same on these occasions.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

group n. 小组,团体

pop singer 流行歌手

club n. 俱乐部

performance n. 演出

occasion n. 场合



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