NCE2-L17 Always young 青春常驻PPT

Why doesn’t Aunt Jennifer tell anyone how old she is?

My aunt Jennifer is an actress. She must be at least thirty-five years old. In spite of this, she often appears on the stage as a young girl. Jennifer will have to take part in a new play soon. This time, she will be a girl of seventeen. In the play, she must appear in a bright red dress and long black stockings. Last year in another play, she had to wear short socks and a bright, orange-coloured dress. If anyone ever asks her how old she is, she always answers, ‘Darling, it must be terrible to be grown up!’

New words and expressions 生词和短语

appear v. 登场,扮演

stage n. 舞台

bright adj. 鲜艳的

stocking n. (女用)长筒袜

sock n. 短袜



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