NCE2-L18 He often does this! 他经常干这种事!PPT

What had happened to the writer’s bag?

After I had had lunch at a village pub, I looked for my bag. I had left it on a chair beside the door and now it wasn’t there! As I was looking for it, the landlord came in.

‘Did you have a good meal?” he asked.

‘Yes, thank you,’ I answered, ‘but I can’t pay the bill. I haven’t got my bag.’

The landlord smiled and immediately went out. In a few minutes he returned with my bag and gave it back to me.

‘I’m very sorry,’ he said. ‘My dog had taken it into the garden. He often does this!’

New words and expressions 生词和短语

pub n. 小酒店

landlord n. 店主

bill n. 帐单







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