NCE2-L20 One man in a boat 独坐孤舟PPT

Why is fishing the writer’s favourite sport?

Fishing is my favourite sport. I often fish for hours without catching anything. But this does not worry me. Some fishermen are unlucky. Instead of catching fish, they catch old boots and rubbish. I am even less lucky. I never catch anything — not even old boots. After having spent whole mornings on the river, I always go home with an empty bag. ‘You must give up fishing!’ my friends say. ‘It’s a waste of time.’ But they don’t realize one important thing. I’m not really interested in fishing. I am only interested in sitting in a boat and doing nothing at all!

New words and expressions 生词和短语

catch v. 抓到

fisherman n. 钓鱼人,渔民

boot n. 靴子

waste n. 浪费

realize v. 意识到


钓鱼是我特别喜爱的一项运动。我经常一钓数小时却一无所获,但我从不为此烦恼。有些垂钓者就是不走运,他们往往鱼钓不到,却钓上来些旧靴子和垃圾。我的运气甚至还不及他们。我什么东西也未钓到过 — 就连旧靴子也没有。我总是在河上呆上整整一上午,然后空着袋子回家。“你可别再钓鱼了!”我的朋友们说,“这是浪费时间。”然而他们没有认识到重要的一点,我并不是真的对钓鱼有兴趣,我感兴趣的只是独坐孤舟,无所事事!

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