NCE2-L21 Mad or not? 是不是疯了PPT

Why do people think the writer is mad?

Aeroplanes are slowly driving me mad. I live near an airport and passing planes can be heard night and day. The airport was built years ago, but for some reason it could not be used then. Last year, however, it came into use. Over a hundred people must have been driven away from their homes by the noise. I am one of the few people left. Sometimes I think this house will be knocked down by a passing plane. I have been offered a large sum of money to go away, but I am determined to stay here. Everybody says I must be mad and they are probably right.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

mad adj. 发疯

reason n. 原因

sum n. 量

determined adj. 坚定的,下决心的



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