NCE2-L25 Do the English speak English? 英国人讲的是英语吗?PPT

Why does the writer not understand the porter?

I arrived in London at last. The railway station was big, black and dark. I did not know the way to my hotel, so I asked a porter. I not only spoke English very carefully, but very clearly as well. The porter, however, could not understand me. I repeated my question several times and at last he understood. he answered me, but he spoke neither slowly nor clearly. ‘I am a foreigner,’ I said. Then he spoke slowly, but I could not understand him. My teacher never spoke English like that! The porter and I looked at each other and smiled. Then he said something and I understood it. ‘You’ll soon learn English!’ he said. I wonder. In England, each person speaks a different language. The English understand each other, but I don’t understand them! Do they speak English?

New words and expressions 生词和短语

railway n. 铁路

porter n. 搬运工

several quantifier 几个

foreigner n. 外国人

wonder v. 感到奇怪



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