NCE2-L38 Everything except the weather 唯独没有考虑到天气PPT

Why did Harrison sell his house so quickly?

My old friend, Harrison, had lived in the Mediterranean for many years before he returned to England. He had often dreamed of retiring in England and had planned to settle down in the country. He had no sooner returned than he bought a house and went to live there. Almost immediately he began to complain about the weather, for even though it was still summer, it rained continually and it was often bitterly cold. After so many years of sunshine, Harrison got a shock. He acted as if he had never lived in England before. In the end, it was more than he could bear. He had hardly had time to settle down when he sold the house and left the country. The dream he had had for so many years ended there. Harrison had thought of everything except the weather.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

except prep. 除了

Mediterranean n. 地中海

complain v. 抱怨

continually adv. 不断地

bitterly adv. 刺骨地

sunshine n. 阳光



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