NCE2-L41 Do you call that a hat? 你把那个叫帽子吗?PPT

What kind of shopping does the writer enjoy,do you think?

‘Do you call that a hat?’I said to my wife.

‘You needn’t be so rude about it,’my wife answered as she looked at herself in

the mirror.

I sat down on one of those modern chairs with holes in it and waited. We had

been in the hat shop for half an hour and my wife was still in front of the mirror.

‘We must’t buy things we don’t need,’I remarked suddenly.I regretted saying

it almost at once.

‘You needn’t have said that,’my wife answered.‘I needn’t remind you of that

terrible tie you bought yesterday.’

‘I find it beautiful,’I said.‘A man can never have too many ties.’

‘And a woman can’t have too hats,’she answered.

Ten minutes later we walked out of the shop together.My wife was wearing a

hat that looked like a lighthouse!

Nes wowds and expressions 生词和短语

rude adj.无礼的 remark v.评说

mirror n.镜子 remind v.提醒

hole n.孔 lighthouse n.灯塔

Notes on the text 课文注释

1 …needn’t be so rude…,英语中实际上有两个need.一个是普通动词need;另一个是情态动词need.情态动词的need 和can,may 等情态动词一样,后接动词原形,但只用于否定和疑问句,肯定句用must,have to,ought to 或should.

2 I regretted saying …,regret 后接动名词表示对所做过的事感到遗憾。

3 We mustn’t buy things we don’t need.我们不应该买我们不需要的东西。句中的need


4 You needn’t have said that…

need’t have done表示本来用不着做某事,而实际上已经做了。

5 I need’t remind you of that terrible tie you bought yesterday.我也不必提醒你昨天买

的那条糟糕透了的领带。remind sb.of sth.是“提醒某人想起某事”的意思。

6 I find it beartiful,我觉得它好看。句中的beautiful用来补充说明宾语it,在语法上称作宾语补足语。

7 A man can never have too many ties.男人有多少领带也不会嫌多。










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