NCE2-L42 Not very musical 并非很懂音乐PPT

What happened when the snake charmer began to paly jazz?

As we had had a long walk through one of the markets of Old Delhi, we stopped at

a square to have a rest. After a time,we noticed a snake charmer with two large

baskets at the other sied of the square,so we went to have a look at him. As soon

as he saw us,he picked up a long pipe which was covered with coins and opened one

of the baskets. When he began to paly a tune, we had our first glimpse of the snake.

It rose out of the basket and began to follow the movements of the pipe. We were

very much surprised when the snake charmer suddenly began to play jazz and

modern pop songs. The snake, however, continued to ‘dance’ slowly. It obviously

could not tell the difference between Indian musical and jazz!

New words and expressions 生词和短语

musical adj.精通音乐的 snake n.蛇

market n.市场,集市 movement n.动作

snake charmer 玩蛇者 continue v.继续

pipe n.(吹奏的)管乐器 dance v.跳舞

tune n.曲调 obviously adv.显然

glimpse n.一瞥 difference n.差别

Indian adj.印度的

Notes on the text 课文注释

1 Not very musical 是指蛇并不那样“懂” 音乐。

2 It obviouly could not tell the difference between Indian music and jazz!显然,它分辨不出印度音乐和爵士乐!tell the difference between …,辨别…之间的不同。



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