NCE2-L49 The end of a dream 美梦告终PPT

How did the dream end?

Tired of sleeping on the floor, a young man in Teheran saved up for years to buy a real bed. For the first time in his life, he became the proud owner of a bed which had springs and a mattress. Because the weather was very hot, he carried the bed on to the roof of his house. He slept very well for the first two nights, but on the third night, a storm blew up. A gust of wind swept the bed off the roof and sent it crashing into the courtyard below. The young man did not wake up until the bed had struck the ground.>

New words and expressions 生词和短语

tired adj. 厌烦的

real adj. 真正的

owner n. 主人

spring n. 弹簧

mattress n. 床垫

gust n. 一阵风

sweep v. 扫,刮

courtyard n. 院子

smash v. 碰碎,摔碎

miraculously adv. 奇迹般地

unhurt adj. 没有受伤的

glance v. 扫视

promptly adv. 迅速地



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