NCE2-L60 The future 卜算未来PPT

Does what Madam Bellinsky said come true?

At a village fair, I decided to visit a fortune-teller called Madam Bellinsky. I went into her tent and she told me to sit down. After I had given her some money, she looked into a crystal ball and said: ‘A>

As soon as I went outside, I forgot all about Madam Bellinsky because my wife hurried towards me. ‘Where have you been hiding?’ she asked impatiently. ‘Your sister will be here in less than an hour and we must be at the station to meet her. We are late already.’ As she walked away, I followed her out of the fair.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

future n. 未来,前途

fair n. 集市

fortune-teller n. 算命人

crystal n. 水晶

relation n. 亲属

impatiently adv. 不耐烦地



我一走出帐篷,就把别林斯基夫人给算卦的事忘得一干二净了,因为我的妻子正匆匆向我跑来。“你躲到哪儿去了?”她不耐烦地问,“再有不到一个小时你姐姐就要到这儿了,我们得去车站接她。现在就已经晚了。”当她走开时,我也跟着她出了集市。 30小时记忆3000单词的秘诀

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