NCE2-L90 What’s for supper? 晚餐吃什么?PPT

What kind of fish are they?

Fish and chips has always been a favourite dish in Britain, but as the oceans have been overfished, fish has become more and more expensive. So it comes as a surprise to learn that giant fish are terrifying the divers on North Sea oil rigs. Oil rigs have to be repaired frequently and divers, who often have to work in darkness a hundred feet under water, have been frightened out of their wits by giant fish bumping into them as they work. Now they have had special cages made to protect them from these monsters. The fish are not sharks or killer whales, but favourite eating varieties like cod and skate which grow to unnatural>

New words and expressions 生词和短语

chip n. 油煎土豆片

overfish v. 过度捕捞

giant adj. 巨大的

terrify v. 吓,使恐怖

diver n. 潜小员

oil rig 石油钻塔

wit n. (复数)理智,头脑

cage n. 笼

shark n. 鲨鱼

whale n. 鲸

variety n. 品种

cod n. 鳕

skate n. 鳐

factor n. 因素

crew n. 全体工作人员



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