prefix actino-,actin- 中英文意思 A ray or beam 光线,束PPT

前缀actino-在元音前变成actin-,意思是“A ray or beam 光线,束”。前缀actino-来源极其复杂和曲折,它来源于希腊语aktis,意思是“ray, radiance 光线,射线等多个意思”,aktis可能与梵文aktuh (意思是“light,ray”)同族。

这个前缀也可以作为词根讲,作为词根时,与这个词根-actino-(意思是“光,光线,呈放射状的”)异形同义词根有:-rad-,-rad-,-radio-,radi-,这几个词根来源于radix,radius/radiare 光,辐射。


before vowels actin-, word-forming element meaning "pertaining to rays," from Greek aktis (genitive aktinos) "ray, radiance;" perhaps cognate with Sanskrit aktuh "light, ray," Gothic uhtwo "dawn, daybreak," Lithuanian anksti "early."


Some examples refer to rays of light. Radiation that is able to cause chemical reactions, as light does on photographic film, is said to be actinic; an actinometer is an instrument for measuring the intensity of radiation.Actinium is a rare radioactive element (atomic number 89), so named because it glows in the dark; hence actinide, a member of the series of radioactive elements, including uranium and plutonium, of which actinium is the first.

Other examples refer to structures that radiate from a centre. Something actinomorphic, such as a starfish or the flower of a daisy, has radial symmetry. An actinomycete (Greek mukēs, mukēt-, fungus) is a bacterium with a filamentous form, which was formerly considered to be a fungus, the ray-fungus; these can cause disease in humans and animals; actinomycin is a member of a group of antibiotics extracted from soil bacteria of this genus.