汉:来源于希腊语,意为"away from,inensive"。 有趣的是,前缀apo既用于最现代的用语中,也用于最古老的用语中。此外,在元音字母和辅音字母h前,元音字母o脱落,变成ap。

英:before vowels ap-, word-forming element meaning "from, away from, separate, free from," from Greek apo "from, away from; after; in descent from," in compounds, "from, asunder, away, off; finishing, completing; ceasing from; back again," from PIE root *apo- "off, away" (cf. Sanskrit apa "away from," Avestan apa "away from," Latin ab "away from, from," Gothic af, Old English of "away from"). 1.aphorism

n.short,wise saying;maxim 格言;警句;*ap

例句:Grandfather had an aphorism for any and every situation.无论在何时、何种情况下,祖父都知道与之适合的警句。


n.revelation,especially of knowledge from god 默示,启示;彻底的破坏;世界末日 *ap

例句:Over the next two hundred years,over 4,858 separate native American civilizations met with apocalypse at the hands of European settlers.在其后的200年间,有超过4858处印每安文明遭到了欧洲移民的彻底破坏。


n.the point in the orbit of a heavenly body farthest from the earth;the highest point of power or success(天)远地点;顶峰 *apo(=away from),ge

例句:At the apogee of the Roman empire,Latin was spoken far and wide.在罗马帝国的鼎盛时期,拉丁语曾被广泛使用。


n.one who abandons his faith 变节者,背教者 *apo (=away from),st(a)(=stand)

例句:In his free time ,he would visit apostates to try and bring them back into the fold.一有闲暇时间,他就去换那些背弃宗教的人,力图使他们回心转意。


n.the disciples of Jesus;leader or teacher of reform,a new faith,or movement使徒,传道者;(改革运动的)倡导者 *apo(=away from),stle(=send)

例句:Louis Armstrong was called "an apostle of jazz".路易斯.阿姆斯特朗被称为“爵士乐之父“。


n.person who prepares and sells medicines and medical goods 药剂师,药师 *apo(=away from ),thec(=case)

例句:The village’s apothecary was an old Buddhist priest schooled in Chinese herbal medicine.那个乡村的药剂师是一位上了年纪的佛教僧侣,他曾经读过中医。