prefix cent- 中英文意思 hundredPPT

来源于拉丁语, 意为”hundred”。



n./adj.(person who is )100 or more years old百岁或越过百岁的(人)


例句:Two centenarian who fought in World War I were interviewed as part of the show.作为节目的一部分,曾参加第一次世界大战的两位百岁老人接受了采访。


n./adj. 100th anniversary;having period of 100 years 百年纪念日;百年的


例句:The company is planning a gala event to mark its centennial.公司正在策划一场大的欢庆祝其成立100周年。

3.centigrade or of the temperature scale that has 100 degrees between the freezing-point and the boiling-point of water百分度的;摄氏温度的


例句:While most of the world measures temperatures in centigrade,the U.S Britain still use the Fahrenheit system.虽然世界上大部分国家采用摄氏计量温度,但美国和英国极采用华氏。


n.small insect like crawling creature with a long ,thin body,numerous joints and a pair of feet at each jiont 蜈蚣 *cent(=hundred),ped(=food)

例句:A long line of soldiers marched across the field like a centipede dressed in camouflage.正排成一个纵队穿越平原士兵看起来像一只穿了迷彩服的蜈蚣。


n.leader of a unit of 100 soldiers(古罗马的)百夫长 *cent(=hundred)

例句:He has risen from the rank of centurion to become the emperor’s millitary advisor.他已从百夫长晋升为皇帝的军事顾问。