prefix deca-,dec-,deco- 的含义、词源和例词PPT

汉:前缀deca-来源于拉丁语,意为"ten",有的书上说来源于希腊语 deka 十。前缀deca-既是一个词缀也是一个词根。前缀 dec- / deco- 为 deca- 的变体,一般放在元音字母前。

英:before a vowel, dec-, word-forming element meaning "ten," from Latinized comb. form of Greek deka "ten" (see ten). In the metric system, "multiplied by ten;" while deci- means "divided by ten."


n. period of ten years 十年 *deca (=ten)

例句:The anniversary marked a decade in business. 这公司成立10周年纪念日。


n. a collection of a hundred tales by Boccaccio 意大利作家薄伽丘著的《十日谈》 *deca (=ten),mer<hemer(=day)

例句:Have you ever read Decameron?你读过《十日谈》吗?


v.kill many people (传染病等)导致大批死亡 *deci(=ten),mate (=dead)

例句:Locusts decimate hundreds of thousands of acres of crops each year.蝗虫每年破坏数千万英亩的农作物。

4.decagon [deca- 十 + gon 角 ]

n. 十角形

5.decagram [deca- 十 + gram 克 ]

n. 十克

6.decameter [deca- 十 + meter 测量,米]

n. 十米

7.decapod [deca- 十 + pod 脚 →“长着十只脚的生物”]

n. 十脚动物