汉:来源于希腊语,意为" on,beside ,after,outside,among,away",在元音字母和辅音字母h前,字母l脱落,变成ep。

英:word-forming element meaning "on, upon, above," also "in addition to; toward, among," from Greek epi "upon, at, close upon (in space or time), on the occasion of, in addition," from PIE *epi, *opi "near, at, against" (cf. Sanskrit api "also, besides;" Avestan aipi "also, to, toward;" Armenian ev "also, and;" Latin ob "toward, against, in the way of;" Oscan op, Greek opi- "behind;" Hittite appizzis "younger;" Lithuanian ap- "about, near;" Old Church Slavonic ob "on"). Before unaspirated vowels, reduced to ep-; before aspirated vowels, eph-. A productive prefix in Greek; also used in modern scientific compounds (e.g. epicenter).


n.epidemic disease;spreading 流行病;(疾病、思想等)浒、普及

adj.spreading rapidly among many people in the same place for a fime;widespread 流行;蔓延的 *epi (=among),dem (=people)

例句:The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)warms the nation may face an influenza epidemic this winter.疾病控制中心提醒大家,今年冬天也许会有一场全国性的流感。


n.outer layer of the skin 表皮,外皮,上皮 *epi (=on),derm (=skin)

例句:A skilled surgeon can slice epidermis without cutting deeper levets of skin.技术精湛的外科医生即使不切开深层的皮肤也能把表皮割掉。


n.brief or pointed saying;short poem expressing an idea in amusing way 警句;诙谐短诗 *epi (=beside),gram (=write)

例句:He wrote only two novels and a book of epigrams in his whole life.他一生中只写两本小说和一本格言警句。


n.nervous disease causing a person to fall unconscious often with involuntary movements癫痫;羊痫风 *epi(=on),lep (=take)

例句:Epilepsy is genetic,so it is possible your son will suffer the disease as well.癫痫是遗传性的,所以你的儿子也有患上这种病的可能。


n.epitaph 碑铭,碑文 *epi (=on),graph (=write)

例句:An epigraph inscribed at the foot of the statues recounts Moulerson’s heroic fight.雕像底下铭刻的碑文描述了摩罗森英勇的斗争过程。


n.peroration <—>prologue;last part of a literary work后记,跋 *epi (=after),log(=speech)

例句:No epilogue for your play needs no excuse.你的剧本没有后记,这不需要辩解。


n.one event in a chain of events (剧本、小说、故事的)片断,插曲;(电视、收音机中等连续剧中的)一集 *epi (=among),sod<ced(=go)

例句:Teh Americans took away many lessons from the lranian hostage episode.美国人从伊朗人质事件中得到很多教训。


n.letter 书信,书函 *epi (=away),stle (=send)

例句:Our bible study group is studying the epistles.我们圣经学习小组正在学习使徒书信。


n. an inscription on a gravestone 碑铭,碑文*epi (=on),taph(=tomb)

例句:Honoring his request,the family ordered a simple tombstone with no epitaph for his grave.遵照他的要求,家人为他的墓地预订了一块没有任何碑文的简单石碑。


n.a memorable event or date 新纪元 *ep<epi(=on),och (=hold)

例句:The harvesting of electricity was an epoch event that touched off the industrial revolution.电力的发明是引发产业革命的划时代析事件。