eu- 中英文意思 优,善,好PPT


eulogize, eulogy, euphemism, euphonious, euphony


汉:来源于希腊语境,意为"good,well"。前缀dys 与eu意思相板,意为"bad ,ill"。

英:word-forming element in modern use meaning "good, well," from comb. form of Gk. eus "good," eu "well" (adv.), also "luckily, happily," from PIE *(e)su- "good" (cf. Skt. su- "good," Avestan hu- "good").


n. science of the production of healthy offspring with the aim of improving the human genentic stock优生学;人种改良学 *eu(=good),gen (=birth,race)

例句:Some fear research in biotechnology,will inevitably lead to the advancement of eugenics.有人担心生物科学的研究会不可避免地导致优生学的发展。

2.eulogistic or containing high praise 颂词的,颂扬的 *eu(=good),log(=speech)

例句:No matter what terrible things the boys did,their mother was always eulogistic when talking about them.不管孩子们做了多么糟糕的事情,母亲在谈到他们的时总是对他们赞叹不已。


v.praise highly in speech or writing 称赞,颂扬 *eu(=good),log (=speech)

例句:Atter ten minutes of eulogizing the team,Coach Smith presented us with the trophy.在对我们队称赞了十分钟后,史密斯教练给我们颁发了奖品。


n.tribute,high raise 颂词;颂文 *eu(=good),log(=speech)

例句:I’ve been asked to deliver the eulogy at Harry’s funeral.我受委托在哈里的葬礼上致掉词。


n.use of other mild,vague and indirect words or phrases in place of what is required by truth or accuracy 委婉的说法,婉转语 *eu(=good ),phe(=say)

例句:"Decided to seek our own lives" was the euphemism Margaret used when reterring to her divorce from Frank.“决定寻找我们自己的生活”是玛格丽特提到她和弗兰克离婚时所用的婉转用语。


n.a pleasant sound 悦耳之音,华美的音乐 *eu(=good),phon(=sound)

例句:We sat under a tree listening to the euphony of summer locusts.我们坐在树下倾听蝗虫在夏天奏出美妙的音乐。


adj.pleasing in sound <–>cacophonous 悦耳的 *eu (=good),phon (=sound)

例句:When the caller is put on hold,he hears a euphonious symphony selection.


n. sense of well-being;elation 幸福感;意气风发 *eu (=good ),phor (=carry)

例句:She was full of euphoria after the birth.她自出生起就充满了幸福感。

9.euthenics dealing with improving living conditions环境改善学 *eu(=good),then(=swell)

例句:There is a growing interest in the study of euthenics among today’s cllege students.现如今,越来越多的大学生开始对环境改善学感兴趣。