语:before vowels hydr-, word-forming element meaning "water," from Gk. hydro-, comb. form of hydor "water" (see water (n.1)). Also sometimes a comb. form of hydrogen.


n.rabies;disease marked by strong contractions of the muscles of the throat and inability to drink water 狂犬病;恐水症 hydro(=water) ,phop(=fear)

例句:Most people know the disease "hydrophobia" by the name "rabies".大部分人不知道“恐水症”,但知道它的另一个名字“狂犬病”


n.hydrofoil;motor-boat with a flat bottom,able to skim fast over the surface;sea plane 水上飞机;水上滑艇;快艇 *hydro(water)

例句:Hydroplane skims over the water almost in the way a flat skipping stone does when thrown.水上飞机像水平搞入水中的石块那样轻轻掠过水面。


n.art of growing plants without soil,in water to which necessary chemical food is supplied 水耕法,水栽培 hydro(=water),pon (=put)

例句:Many farmers are furning to hydroponics to overcome the shortage of land.为克服耕地不足,许多农民把目光转向了水中栽培。


n. device like a periscope,for viewing things at some distance below the surface of water深水望远镜 *hydro(=water),scop(=watch)

例句:The students used a hydroscope to observe the fish underwater.为了观察水中的鱼儿,学生们使用了深水望远镜。