prefix macro-的含义、词源和例词PPT

汉:来源于希腊语,意为“large,excessive,long”,与其意思相反的前缀是micro-。此外,与macro 意思相近的词缀有grand-(aggrandize,grandiloquent),magn-(magnify,Magna Carta,magnanimity),maj- (majority,major-domo),max- (maxim,maximum),maha- (mahatma),mega- (megaphone,megalithic),megalo-(megalomaniac),metro- (metropolitan,metropolis)等。

英:word-forming element meaning "long, abnormally large, on a large scale," taken into English via Middle French and Medieval Latin from Gk. makros "long, large," from PIE root *mak- "long, thin" (cf. L. macer "lean, thin;" O.N. magr, O.E. mæger "lean, thin;" Gk. mekos "length").


n.great world ,great universe 宏观世界,大宇宙 *macro(=large,great),cosm(=universe)

例句:He lives to much in his thoughts and emotions;he must orient himself to the macrocosm of actual human experience.他太过于沉浸在自己的思想和感情里了,他必须转变方向,让自己适应人类实践的现实大世界。


n.economics dealing with those statistics that can be taken as controlling factors in the economy as a whole 宏观经济学 *macro(=large,great),eco(=house),nom(=law)

例句:Macroeconomics means the study of the determinants of national income,employment,prices ,and economic growth.宏观经济学要研究与国民收、就业、物价及经济增长相关的决定性要素。

3.macrocode [macro- 宏,大 + code 代码 ]

n. 宏代码

4.macroscopic [macro- 宏 + scop 看,观察 + -ic …的 ]

adj. 粗视的 / 宏观的

5.macrometer [macro- 宏,大 + meter 测量 ]

n. 测量器