prefix multi-,mult-含义、词源和例词PPT

汉:来源于拉丁语的multus,意为“many,much”。没有用来专门指具体数量的,亦可以当词根讲。前缀muiti- 相应的希腊语前缀为:poly- / pleio- 多

英:before vowels mult-, word-forming element meaning "many, many times, much," from comb. form of L. multus "much, many," from PIE *ml-to-, from root *mel- "strong, great, numerous" (cf. L. melior "better," Gk. mala "very, very much"). Many words that use it (multinational, etc.) are 20c. coinages.


adj. varied,diversified种种的,各式各样的 multi(=many),fa<fac(=make)>

例句:In the post-Cold War ear,the threats facing the security of the world are multifarious.在后冷战时代,世界安全面临着种种威胁。


adj.speaking lots of languages 使用多种语言的 multi(=many), lingu(=tongue)

例句:Most Malaysians are by necessity multilingual,speaking Malay,Cantonese,Mandarin and English at a minimum.大多数马来西亚人都必须学会多种语言,他们至少要会说马来语、广东语、普通话和英语。


n. being great in number多数,多样multi(=many),plic(=fold)

例句:Hspends his days worrying ablut a multiplicity of imagined problems.他整天都在为想像中的各种问题而担心,在忧虑中度过每一天。


v. make grater in number;add a given number of times;increase in number by procreation 增加;乘;繁殖multi(=many),ply(=fold)

例句:Fruit flies are used for genetic studies because they multiply so rapidly.果蝇被用于遗传学研究,因为它们繁殖得非常讯速。


n.great number;the common people;the masses 多数;(the~)大众,群众 multi(=many)

例句:Jesus is said to have fed the multitudes with a single basket of fish and bread.据说,耶稣用一篮子鱼和面包喂饱过了无数人。

6.multifold [multi- 多 + fold 倍数 → ]

adj. 多重的,多倍的

7.multiform [multi- 多 +-form …形状 → ]

adj. 多样的,多形的

8.multangular [mult- 多 + angul 角 + -ular …的 → ]

adj. 多角的

9. multocular [mult- 多 + ocular n. 眼睛 ]

adj. 多目的

10. multipolymer [mult- 多 + poly多+m+er物→多种物质组合而成→聚合体]