neo- 中英文意思 新PPT

汉: 来源于希腊语,意为“new,recent,latest”。NOV(novice,nova,innovate,renovate)与NEO意思相近。

英:word-forming element meaning “new, recent,” used in a seemingly endless number of adjectives and nouns, mostly coined since c.1880, from Gk. neo-, comb. form of neos “new, young, youthful; fresh, strange; lately, just now,” from PIE root *newo- (see new).


n.control by powerful countries of former colonies,or less developed countries by economic pressure新殖民主义 neo(=new),col(=till)

例句:Philippines pointed to the American naval and air bases as symbols of neocolonialism.菲律宾将美国睥海军和空军基地视为新殖民主义的象征。


adj.of the new or later stone age新石器时代的neo(=new),lith(=stone)

例句:Neolithic man was probably no taller than four feet.新石器时代的人也许还不到四英尺高。


n.coining or using of new words创造新字,使用新字;新字 neo(=new),log(=speech)

例句:The world of computers has created over 8,000 neologisms in last 30 years alone.在过去的30年中,计算机领域已创造了8000多个新字。


n.person who has newly been converted to some belief or religion,beginner 新入教者,新信徒;初学者neo(=new),phyt(=plant)

例句:Somebody had to teach the neophyte soldiers how to survive on the battlefield.必须由某个人专门教授新战士如何在战场上生存下来。