prefix poly-含义、词源和例词PPT

汉:来源于希腊语,意为“many”,有异形同义前缀:multi-, pleio- 多。

英:word-forming element meaning "many, much," from Greek poly-, combining form of polys "much" (plural polloi); cognate with Latin plus, from PIE root *ple- (cf. Sanskrit purvi "much," prayah "mostly;" Avestan perena-, Old Persian paru "much;" Greek plethos "people, multitude, great number," pleres "full," polys "much, plenty," ploutos "wealth," plethein "be full;" Lithuanian pilus "full, abundant;" Old Church Slavonic plunu; Gothic filu "much," Old Norse fjöl-, Old English fela, feola "much, many;" Old English folgian; Old Irish lan, Welsh llawn "full;" Old Irish il, Welsh elu "much"); probably related to root *pele- (2) "to spread." In chemical names, usually indicating a compound with a large number of atoms or molecules of the same kind (cf. polymer).


n.custom of having more than one husband at the same time.一夫多妻制度.andr=man

She made no secret of her polyandry intentions.


2.polygamist who practices polygamy 多配偶者 poly=many,gam=marrange

His job as an airline pilot made it possible for him to be a polygamist without either wife knowing about the other.



n.plane figures with many srtaight sides 多角形,多边形

The polygon designs on the shirt caught his eye.



n.belief in more than one God 多神教(论)poly=many,the =theo=God

Polytheism was among all ancient culture.