agri, agro, agr 中英文意思 field, land, 表示“田地, 农业”等PPT

agriculture 农业(agri+culture培养)

agronomy 农学(agro+nomy学科→农科)

agraran 土地的,农业的(agr+arian表形容词→土地的)

agrimotor 农用拖拉机(agri+motor机动车)

agrobiology 农业生物学(agro+bilolgy生物学)

prefix agri-,agro- 中英文意思 Farming; cultivationPPT


word-forming element meaning "pertaining to agriculture or cultivation," from Greek agro-, comb. form of agros "field" (see acre).


[Greek agros or Latin ager, agr-, a field.]

The principal term here is agriculture. Others are agrochemical, a chemical used in agriculture, such as a pesticide or fertilizer; agroforestry, agriculture that incorporates the cultivation of trees; agriscience, the application of science to agriculture; and agronomy, the science of soil management and crop production.

Agribusiness is either agriculture on strictly commercial principles (often by implication having limited regard for nature or landscape conservation) or the industries that deal with agricultural produce and services for farming; agritourism (or agrotourism) is tourism that involves visitors with the work of farms and rural life, often as a means of economic regeneration. The adjective agrarian refers to the cultivation of land or reform of the system of holding land.