hetero- 中英文意思 表示“异类, 异种”PPT

heterosexual 异性的(hetero+sexual性别的)

heterodoxy 异教,异端(hetero+doxy观点→观点不同)

heterogeneous 异类的,不同的(hetero+gen产生+eous→产生不同的)


汉:来源于希腊语,意为“other,dfferent”,前缀homo与其意思相板,此外,意为“other”的词根有alter(altercation,alteration,alter ego,alternative)及其变形ulter(adulterate,adultery),allo(allophonic),ali(alienable,alibi,alias)等。

英:word-forming element meaning "other, different," from comb. form of Greek heteros "the other (of two), another, different;" first element meaning "one, at one, together," from PIE *sem- "one;" the second cognate with the second element in Latin al-ter, Gothic an-þar, Old English o-ðer "other."


adj.made up of different kinds 不同种类的 *hetero(=other),gen(=kind)

The factory was made up of a heterogenous collection of machines.那个工厂是由不同种类的机器组成的。


adj.sexually attracted to persons of the opposite sex 异性恋的

n.heterosexual person异性恋者 *hetero(=other),sex(=cut)

例句:Promiscuous heterosexuals are equally at risk of contractiong AIDS as their homo-sexual counterparts.性生活淫乱的异性者和同性恋者是一样很容易感染上爱滋病.