suffix -ade 中英文意思 act,result,collectivePPT


英:word-forming element denoting an action or product of an action, from Latin -ata (source of French -ade, Spanish -ada, Italian -ata), fem. pp. ending used in forming nouns. A living prefix in French, from which many words have come into English (e.g. lemonade). Latin -atus, pp. suffix of verbs of the 1st conjugation also became -ade in French (Spanish -ado, Italian -ato) and came to be used as a suffix denoting persons or groups participating in an action (e.g. brigade, desperado). -ade(1)

1. a suffix found in nouns denoting action or process or a person or persons acting, appearing in loanwords from French and sometimes from Spanish ( cannonade; fusillade; renegade ), but also attached to native stems: blockade; escapade; masquerade .

2. a noun suffix indicating a drink made of a particular fruit, normally a citrus: lemonade .


< French < Provençal, Spanish, or Upper Italian -ada < Latin -āta, feminine of -ātus -ate1 ; or < Spanish -ado < Latin -ātus -ate1 -ade(2)

a collective suffix like -ad1 : decade .


< French < Greek; see ad1 1.blockade

n. the enclosing or surrounding of a place,eg. by armies or warships,to keep goods or pepole from entering or leaving 封锁

例句:The police set up blockades on highways leading out of the city. 警察封锁了出城的公路


n. army unit,usually of three battalions,forming part of an army division;organized body of persons in uniform with special duties旅;以特殊目的而成立的队、团

例句:General colt commanded the 8th Artillery Brigade during the war.战争期间,科尔特将军指挥了第八炮旅。


n. parading of troops 游行;阅兵式

v.gather together for drilling ,inspection,etc. ; show off 阅兵,列队行进;夸耀

例句:From our window we would watch the parade each summer.每年夏天,我们都会从家里窗户观看阅兵式。


n. taking a walk;the place where to walk;formal dance or ball for a class in a high school or college 散步;海滨人行道,散步场所;学生舞会(prom.) *pro(=forth),men(=lead)

例句:They walked hand in hand along the promenade. 他们手拉着手沿着人行道散步。


n. piece of music to be sung or played outdoors at night 小夜曲 *seren(=evening)

例句:It is customary for the bride to be treated to serenade on the night before her wedding.在举行婚礼的前一晚,为新娘演唱小夜曲是一种习俗。