汉:指人的名词后缀cian 意为"person who"。


n. person skilled in logic 逻辑学家 *log(=speech)

例句:Logicians are now in high demand in the computer industry.当前计算机工业需要大量的逻辑学家。


n. person skilled in magic 变戏法的人,魔术师 *mag(=sorcery)

例句:A magician entertained the children while the adults prepared the table.当大人摆好桌子准备吃饭时,一个魔术师在逗孩子开心。


n. undertaker 殡仪者 *mort(=death)

例句:His father had been a mortician,so he was used to seeing dead bodies.他父亲曾经从事殡仪业,所以已经习惯于看见尸体了。


n. person skilled in music,composer of music 音乐家;作曲家 *mus(=Muse)

例句:Only one out of a thousand musicians ever become popular.只有千分之一的音乐家能够脱颖而出,受到广泛欢迎。


n.person who makes or supplies optical instruments,especially lenses and spectacles 光学仪器商;眼镜商 *op(=eye,sight)

例句:His sister married an optician who has an eyeglass shop somewhere downtown.他妹妹和一个在市商业区开眼镜店的眼镜商结婚了。


n. person of noble birth especially in ancient Rome 贵族 *patri(=county,father)

例句:Your unfailing courtesy to persons of all social backgrounds are marks of the true patrician.你总是很有礼貌对待不同社会背景的人,这表明您是一位真正的贵族。


n. physician who specializes in pediatrics 儿科医生 *ped (=child),iatr(=healing)

例句:We’ve been taking our children to the same pediatrician for ten years now.十年来,我们一直带我们的孩子去同一个儿科医生那儿看病。