汉:指人的名词后缀ee意为"one who",主要用于被动含义(成为…的人),也有主动含义(做…的人)和后缀-er相反。

英:word-forming element in legal English (and in imitation of it), representing the Anglo-French -é ending of pps. used as nouns. As these sometimes were coupled with agent nouns in -or, the two suffixes came to be used as a pair to denote the initiator and the recipient of an action.


a suffix forming from transitive verbs nouns which denote a person who is the object or beneficiary of the act specified by the verb ( addressee; employee; grantee ); recent formations now also mark the performer of an act, with the base being an intransitive verb ( escapee; returnee; standee ) or, less frequently, a transitive verb ( attendee ) or another part of speech ( absentee; refugee ).


< French -é, (masculine), -ée (feminine), past participle endings < Latin -ātus, -āta -ate World English Dictionary


— suffix forming nouns

1. indicating a person who is the recipient of an action (as opposed, esp in legal terminology, to the agent, indicated by -or or -er ): assignee ; grantee ; lessee

2. indicating a person in a specified state or condition: absentee ; employee

3. indicating a diminutive form of something: bootee

[via Old French -e, -ee, past participial endings, from Latin -ātus, -āta -ate 1 ] 1.appointee

n.person appointed to an office or position 被任命者 *ap

例句:Since federal judges are appointees,they need not worry about popular votes.既然联邦大法官是被任命的职位,他们就没有必要担心公投了。


n.person who is devoted to something 献身者;爱好者,热心之士 *de(=away,intensive),vot(=vow)

例句:Rolling Stone devotees flocked to the band’s final concert.滚石乐队狂热的歌迷们涌至乐队的告别演唱会。


n.person employed for wages 雇员,店员 *em

例句:Rita has been selected the "Employee of the Month".丽塔被推选为“本月明星店员”。


n. person who has been forced to flee from danger,eg.from floods,war ,political persecution 逃难者,难民;亡者 *re(=back),fug(=flee)

例句:Starting next year,the U.N. will begin forced repatriation of Vietnamese refugees.从明年开始,联合国将开始强制遣送越南难民。


n.person who has charge of property in trust or of the business affairs of an institution 受托管理人;理事 *tru(=believe)

例句:If you do not specify a trustee in your will ,the court will appoint one.如果你不在遗嘱中指定一个受托人,那么法庭将为你指定一个。