suffix -ery含义、词源和例词PPT

汉:抽象名词以及所有名词后缀ery意为"state,quality,act,place where"。后缀-ery来源于法语,主要充当派生后缀,可以加在两类单词后面:

1)加在动词后面表示 a place for ~ing (做…的场所)

2)加在名词后面,这时-ery意思比较复杂,它可以表示a place for ~ing (做…的场所);the art or occupation of a ~ (…的技艺);a group of ~s(…的群休或集体)。


-erya suffix of nouns denoting occupation, business, calling or condition, place or establishment, goods or products, things collectively, qualities, actions, etc.: archery; bakery; cutlery; fishery;

trickery; witchery.


Middle English < Old French -erie, equivalent to -ier -er2 + -ie -y3

World English Dictionary

-ery or -ry

— suffix forming nouns

1. indicating a place of business or some other activity: bakery ; brewery ; refinery

2. indicating a class or collection of things: cutlery ; greenery

3. indicating qualities or actions collectively: snobbery ; trickery

4. indicating a practice or occupation: husbandry

5. indicating a state or condition: slavery

[from Old French -erie; see -er 1 , -y ³]

-ry or -ry

— suffix forming nouns

[from Old French -erie; see -er 1 , -y ³]


n.branch of an army that use artillery;big guns mounted on wheels,etc.炮兵;大炮 *art(=art,skill,craft)

例句:Artillery pounded the enemy positions day and night.大炮心昼夜不停地轰击敌人的阵地。


n.something peculiar and amousing;amusikng trick 诙谐有趣的言行

例句:The audience laughed at her timely drollery.听众被她适时的幽默豆的发笑。


n.hard,unpleasant ,uninteresting work 辛苦,乏味的工作

例句:It was drudgery washing dishes in the hot kitchen.在闹热的厨房里洗碗实在是件苦差事。