suffix -ian 中英文意思 -an, -ean or -ianPPT

variant of suffix -an used with stem endings in -i, from Latin -ianus (-anus). In Middle English, frequently -ien, from words borrowed via French.

a suffix with the same meaning and properties as -an; -ian, is now the more productive of the two suffixes in recent coinages, especially when the base noun ends in a consonant: Orwellian; Washingtonian .


extracted from L loanwords in which -ānus -an is joined to stems ending in i

World English Dictionary

-an , -ean or -ian

— suffix

1. ( forming adjectives and nouns ) belonging to or relating to; a person belonging to or coming from: European

2. ( forming adjectives and nouns ) typical of or resembling; a person typical of: Elizabethan

3. ( forming adjectives and nouns ) adhering to or following; an adherent of: Christian

4. ( forming nouns ) a person who specializes or is expert in: dietitian ; phonetician

[from Latin -ānus, suffix of adjectives]

-ean , -ean or -ian

— suffix

[from Latin -ānus, suffix of adjectives]

-ian , -ean or -ian

— suffix

[from Latin -ānus, suffix of adjectives]


adj.attractive and desirable but impracticable 乌托邦的;空想的 *u(=not),top(=place)

例句:The president’s health care plan is utopian and can never be implemented.总统的保健计划是不现实的,是绝对不可以实现的。


adj. characterized by usefulness rather than by beauty,truth ,goodness;of the Utilitarians and their ideas 功利的,实利的;功利主义(者)的

n. supporter of Utilitarianism 功利主义者 *ut(=use)

例句:These wonderfully-designed apartments are nothing like the utilitarian dwellings built by the government in the 1980’s and 90’s. 这些设计精良的公寓和二十世纪八九十年代政府建造的实用性住房完全不同。