suffix -ite含义、词源和词例PPT


1)加在名词后面表示人,这时,它有an inhabitant of ~ (…的居民),a descendant of ~(…的后代),a follower of ~(…的追随者),a person associated with ~(与…有关的人)等意思。

2)加在名词词根后面表示物,表示a a mineral species (矿物),a fossil (化石),an explosive (炸药),a chemical product (化工产品)等意思。


n.physical desire especially for food 欲望;食欲 *ap,ad(=to),pet(=seek)

例句:She had four teenaged boys,each with the appetite of a bear!她有四个十来岁的儿子,每个孩子的胃口都大如熊。


adj.of great excellence;brought to a high state of perfection 绝妙的,完美无缺的 *ex(=out),quis(=ask)

例句:What is considered everyday to the local residents,is exquisite to the tourists who come from all over the world to see the fields of poppise.这在当地人看起来是很平常的东西,对于从世界各地远道而来欣赏罂粟田野的游客来说却是妙不可言。


n.hard,usually grey stone used for building 花岗岩 *gran(=grain)

例句:Granites is usually gray and is much used for buildings and monuments.花岗岩常为灰色,多用于建造房屋和纪念碑。


n.soft,blck substance used in lubrication as a moderator in atomic piles,and in making lead pencils黑铅,石墨 *graph(=write)

例句:Use a graphite spray instead of an oil-based one.请用石墨喷雾代替以前的油墨喷雾。

5.laborite [labor n.劳工大众;-ite →“与劳工大众有联系的人”]


ex)He is a laborite but not a member of Labour Party. 他是个劳工派成员但不是工党党员。

6.hematite [hemat = blood 血;-ite → “血红色的矿石”]

n. 赤铁矿,红铁矿

ex)Hematite is widely distributed in this area. 该地区赤铁矿分布很广。