suffix -le,-l,-el 中英文意思 反复,小,动作的结果或做动作时使PPT

动词、形容词、名词后缀-le意为"repetition,pertaining to ,that which"。这个后缀-le有三层含义:(1)属于动词后缀,表示“反复或连续动作、动作的小幅度重复”;(2)属于名词后缀表示“小”,表示“做某种动作时所使用的东西,或某种动作的结果”。


v. treat with great care and tenderness,pamper 悉心照料;娇生惯养,溺爱

例句:His mother coddled him too much,so he never learned discipline.他妈妈太娇惯她了,所以,一点都不懂规矩。

2.dawdle slow;waste time 游手好闲,浪费时间

例句:Every time she passed the janitor,sister Teresa would say "don’t dawdle,Mr.Jones."。特雷莎修女每次经看门人时都会说:“别虚度光阴,琼斯先生。”


v. become less or smaller by degrees 逐渐减少,缩小

例句:South Korea’s farmland dwindles by 3-4% each year as more and more is developed.随着越来越多的农田被开发利用,韩国农田每年都减少3-4倍。


adj. often changing;not constant感情,天气等易变的;变幻无常的

例句:The taste of the public is so fickle that a TV performer who is a big hit one season may be out of a job the next.大众品位如此多变,上一季走红的电视演员很可能在下一季没有工作了。


v. seize firmly;struggle with somebody or something at close quarters;try to deal with a problem etc.抓住,抓紧;格斗;设法解决问题

n.coming to grips 抓;搏斗;抓钩

例句:The government,grappling with a $12.8 billion debt,is not likely to approve funding for the project.政府目前正在设法解决128美元债务的问题,所以不大可能同意为此项目资金。


v. argue or dispute especially the price of something or the terms of a bargain 争论,计价还价

例句:The prices marked on the goods are not fixed and with a little haggling it’s possible to get them reduced by fifty percent or more.商品上所标示的价格并非固定不变的,可以通过讨价还价将价格降低50%或更多。


v. rush or fly violently 猛冲,碰撞;急飞

例句:The explosion sent huge metal pieces of the truck hurting through the air.爆炸使卡车巨大的金属碎片弹到了空中。


v.push roughly against;push 撞;推挤

例句:Expect to be jostled as you make your way into the crowded subway train.预想一下,挤进地铁时你会被人推挤碰撞。


v.take part in a noisy or angry argument 吵架

例句:Ranch workers gather here to drink beers,tell stories and ,of course ,to wrangle.牧场的工人聚集在这里喝酒、聊天,当然也会发生口角。


v. (cause to) be unsteady and overturn (使)倾倒,(使)跌倒;颠覆

例句:In 1973,the military failed twice to topple the Sanchez government.1973年军队再次试图颠覆桑切斯政府,但都以失败告终。


n. noisy quarrel about something trivial (为琐事)争吵,争论

例句:My neighbors’ constant squabbles forced me to move out.邻居经常争吵迫使我不得不搬走。


n.bits of broken stone,rock or brickwork碎石,瓦砾

例句:Within seconds the once posh Sam Poong Department Store was reduced to rubble.在几秒钟内,曾经豪华一时的三丰百货商场就化作了碎石。