suffix -ose 中英文意思 糖、碳水化合物,充满…的、如…的、多PPT

后缀-ose来源于拉丁语,一般构成形容词,意思是表示“充满…的、如…的、多…的、具有…的、有…性质的”,它的对应名词后缀是 -osity。也可以构成名词,这时常见于化学名词中,表示“糖、碳水化合物及蛋白质产物”。当表示“糖”时,其中一些是由 glucose 葡萄糖造成的碳水化合物,例如: saccharose 蔗糖、maltose 麦芽糖、lactose 乳糖。


-ose (1)

word-forming element used to make adjectives from nouns, with the meaning "full of, abounding in, having qualities of," from Latin -osus (see -ous).

-ose (2)

standard ending in chemical names of sugars, originally simply a noun-forming suffix, taken up by French chemists mid-19c.; it has no etymological connection with sugar. It appears around the same time in two chemical names, cellulose, which would owe it to the French suffix, and glucose, where it would be a natural result from the Greek original. Flood favors origin from glucose.



1.cerebrose [cerebr 脑子 -ose 形容词后缀 ]


2.cellulose [1840年来源于法语cellulose]


3.fructose [fruct 水果 + -ose 形容词后缀 ]


4.dextrose [dextr 右 + -ose 形容词后缀 ]

n. 右旋糖

(2)属于形容词后缀,表示“充满…的、如…的、多…的、具有…的、有…性质的”,它的对应名词后缀是 -osity 。

1.globose [glob 球 + -ose 形容词后缀 ]


2.foliose [foli 叶 + -ose 形容词后缀 ]

n. 叶状的

3.acetose [acet 酸 + -ose 形容词后缀 ]

n. 酸的

4.acerose [acer 尖 + -ose 形容词后缀 ]

n.(植物) 针状的