ana- 中英文意思 向上,向后;反对;类似PPT



analog, analogous, analogue, analogy, anatomy

prefix ana-PPT

汉:来源于希腊语,意为”up”(anabatic),”back”(anagram),”again”(analects),”throughout”(analyze),”intensive” (anatomy)等,变化型an-。

英:before verbs an-, prefix meaning 1. “upward,” 2. “back, backward, against,” 3. “again, anew,” from Greek ana- “up to, toward, exceedingly, back, against,” from ana “up, on, upon, throughout, again,” cognate with Old English on, from PIE root *ano- “on, upon, above” (see on). 1.anabolism

n.assimilation 同化作用 *ana(=up),bol(=throw)

例句:We spent months studying the biological principles of anabolism.我们花了好几个月来研究同化作用的生物学原理。


n.mistake in dating something;something out of date now or in a description of past events.时代错误;过时的东西 (朝代变迁)

例句: Many fear that British English is becoming an anachronism as American English grows in popularity,even in Europe.美工英语在世界甚至在欧洲都如此流行,以至于许多人担心英式英语会成为不合时代的过时的语言。


adj.similar or parallel 类似的,相似的,想像的 (言词相关的) ana(=again),log(=speech)

例句:First we teach the students to recognize grammatical stuctures that are analogous to those found in English.首先,我们教学生学习那些和英语类似的语法结构。

4.anatomy of the structure of animal bodies 解剖学;解剖 *ana(=intensive),tom(=cut)

例句:My first course in biology was Anatomy 101,taught by Dr.William Schaeffer.我听的第一门生物学课程是威廉.赛夫博士讲授的解剖学101。


n.formal declaration of the church,excommunicating somebody or condemning something as evil 被基督教诅咒的人或物

例句:In this day of downsizing,corporate takeovers have become anathema.在这个企业结构调整的时代,企业接管者常成为被诅咒的人。