auto- 中英文意思 自己PPT



autobiography, automobile, autonomy

prefix auto-PPT


英:word-forming element meaning “self, one’s own, by oneself,” from Greek auto- “self, one’s own,” combining form of autos “self, same,” of unknown origin. Before a vowel, aut-; before an aspirate, auth-. In Greek also used as a prefix to proper names, e.g. automelinna “Melinna herself.” The opposite prefix would be allo-. 1.authentic

adj.genuine(<->fictitious);reliable真的;可信的 *aut

例句:There are only 12 authentic Tucker vehicles in the world.the rest are all copies.全世界只有12辆真正的Tucker 汽车,其余都是仿造品。


v.prove to be genuine;prove beyond doubt,the origin,authorship,etc.证实;鉴别 *aut

例句:An expert on the Shilla Dyasty was consulted to authenticate the painting.为鉴别那幅画的真伪,人们咨询了一名研究新罗时代的专家。


n.story a person’s life written by himself 自传 (描写自己生活的东西) *auto(=self),bio(=life),grph(=write)

例句:Nixon’s autobiography did not sell as well as the unauthorized biography written in 1983 by Norman Hordhouse.尼克松自传的销量不如1983年诺曼.郝德思写的那本末经授权的传记。


n. person who appears to act involuntarily or without active intelligence;robot机器人 *auto(=self),mat(=move)

例句:Long gone are the days when assembly line workers’jobs were so boring as to make them mindless automatons.那个由于工作过于单一=从事流水线生产的工人几乎成了没有思想的机器人的时代早就结束了。