be- 中英文意思 动词prefixPPT

来源于哥特语或古高地德语bi-, bi(附近,大约)。


become, befool, behalf, behave, behaviour

prefix be- 中英文意思 about,completely;to make ;to provide withPPT


在本族语词缀中,派生前缀be-的用法是较为复杂的,在古英语中,be-是介词by的弱读形式,它的基本意思是about或around,主要的引申义有completely(表示加强词义)。be-的属性有两种:1)介词性或副词性前缀。这时,它可以帮助构成像beside,between这样的介词,也可以加在动词上表示加强词义或构成及物动词。2)动词性前缀。这时,它可以加在名词或形容词上,意为to make 或to cause to be。如果加在物质名词上,be-还可以表示to provide with 的意思。在少数情况下,be-表示to 的意思。

英:word-forming element with a wide range of meaning: "thoroughly, completely; to make, cause seem; to provide with; at, on, to, for," from Old English be- "on all sides" (also used to make transitive verbs and as a privative or intensive prefix), from weak form of Old English bi "by," probably cognate with second syllable of Greek amphi, Latin ambi and originally meaning "about" (see ambi-).

This sense naturally drifted into intensive (cf. bespatter "spatter about," therefore "spatter very much"). Be- can also be privative (cf. behead), causative, or have just about any sense required. The prefix was productive 16c.-17c. in forming useful words, many of which have not survived, e.g. bethwack "to thrash soundly" (1550s), betongue "to assail in speech, to scold" (1630s).


v. happen or occur遭遇,发生

例句:You never know when misfortune might befall you.你永远不知道不幸什么时候可能会降临到你身上。


v.cheat,amuse 诱骗;使高兴

例句:Thousands of elderly couples were beguiled into selling their homes for far less than market value by the scrupulous real estate agency.数千名老人在别有用心的房地产中介公司的诱骗下,以远远低于市价格卖掉了自己的房子。


v.cut off the head 砍头

例句:One passenger was beheaded when he was fung from the bus as it fumbled down the hill.当汽车滚向山下时,一位乘客被甩了出去,脑袋搬了家。


v.ask earnestly or urgently 哀求,恳求

例句:I beseech you to help us get our land back.恳求您帮我们赎回我们的土地。


v.close in on all sides包围;困扰

例句:Only a small portion of the old market remains,and it is beset by high-rise office buildings.那个旧市场里只有很小的一部分保存了下来,而且四周被高耸的商务楼包围着。


v.engage a woman in contract of marriage订婚

例句:They were betrothed in May and married in June without ever having met.从末谋面的他们于5月订婚,6月完婚。