bene-, beni- 中英文意思 好PPT



benefaction, benefactor, benefit, benevolence, benevolent

bene- 中英文意思 表示”善, 好”PPT

benewolent 好意的(bene+vol意愿+ent→好意的)

benefaction 好事;恩惠(bene+fact做+ion→好事)

benefit 好处,利益(bene+fit做→做事后的好处→利益)

benediction 祝福(bene+dict说+ion→说好话)

beneficent 仁慈的,善行的(bene+fic做+ent→做好事的)

prefix bene-,bon- 中英文意思 goodPPT


英:Latin word-forming element meaning “well,” from Latin bene “well, in the right way, honorably, properly,” from PIE *dw-ene-, adverbial form of root *deu- “to do, perform, show favor, revere.” Cf. Latin bonus “good,” bellus “handsome, fine, pretty,” beatus “blessed.”


n. blessing <->malediction;mercy 祝福;赐福,恩宠 *bene(=good),dict(=say)

例句:To ensure their safety during the construction of the bridge,the workers asked a priest to come and offer a benediction at the site where it would be built.为保证在修建大桥期间自己的人身安全,建筑工人请求一位神父在即将建桥的地点为他们祷告祝福。


n.person who has given financial help to a school,hospital,or charitable institution 学校、医院、慈善团体的赞助人 *bene(=good),fact(=do,make)

例句:The benefactor was generous to the school.那个赞助人对这所学校很慷慨。


n.doing good;active kindness 善行,慈善行为 *bene(=good),fic(=do,make)

例句:Through Mr.Walters’ beneficence the school was able to build a new gymnasium.由沃尔先生的捐助,学校得以建造一座新的体育馆。


n.person who receives a benefit 受益者,受惠者 *bene(=good),fic(=do,make)

例句:Her daughter ,Roseanne,was listed as the sole beneficiary on her life insurance policy.在她的人寿保险单上,她的女儿露森被指定为保单的唯一受益人。


adj.kind,gentle;mild;not dangerous 亲切的,柔软顺的;(土质、风土等)良好的;(病、肿瘤)良性的 *bene(=good) ,gn<gen(birth)

例句:Doctor Parley removed a benign tumor from the back of my neck last summer.去年夏天,巴里医生为我摘除了颈后的一个良性肿瘤。


adj. bounteous,generous,abundant 慷慨的;宽大的;丰富的 *boun<bon(=good)

例句:The bountiful Midwest section of the country produces half of the world’s annual output of wheat.这个国家富饶的中西部地区的小麦产量占全世界年产量的一半。


n.generosity;something given out of kindness to the poor;reward or payment offered by a government to encourage somebody to do something慷慨;馈赠;奖励,补助

例句:A bounty of $1 million has been offered for information leading to the arrest of the terrorists responsible ofr the bombing.为逮捕制造爆炸事件的恐怖分子,对提供相关消息的人给予100万美元的奖励。


n. an unusually rich vein of a gold mine or an oil-well;run of luck金矿,富矿带;运气享通 *bon(=good)

例句:The dividend was an unexpected bonanza.红利是一笔意料之外的横财。