extra-, extro- 中英文意思 出,向外;超越PPT



extrasolar, extravagant, extravaganza, extrovert

prefix extra-,exter-,extro- 中英文意思 outside;beyondPPT


前缀extra-来源于拉丁介副词extra,原意为outside(在…之外)在构词中引申出beyond (超出)等意思。它主要出现在拉丁借词之中,而这些借词的词干大多数成为英语中单独作用的单词。在现代英语中,extra-也可以作为派生前缀,一般加在形容词之前,起修饰作用。前缀exter-,extro-,extr-是它的变体。在元音字母前变为extr。此外,前缀extro意为“outwar意为“outside”,在元音字母前变为Extr。此外,前缀extro意为“outward”。



only recorded in classical Latin in extraordinarius, but much used in Medieval Latin and modern formations; it represents L. extra (adv.) "on the outside, without, except," the old fem. ablative singular of exterus "outward, outside," comparative of ex "out of" (see ex-).


word-forming element meaning "outwards," a variant of extra- by influence of intro-. 1.exterior

adj.outer 外部的;外面的

n.outside;outward aspect or appearance 外部,外表,外形 *exter(=outside)

例句:On the exterior St.John’s like a modern church,but inside its age is apparent.从外面看,圣约翰教学像一座现代化教堂,但到里面一看就知道,这是一座古老的建筑。



n.circumstances;outward features[pl.]外表,外部 *exter (=outside)

例句:This coat has two external pockets and three internal ones.这件外套外面有2个口袋,里面还有3个口袋。


v.hand over a person from the state where he is a fugitive to the state where he is alleged to have committed or has been convicted of 引渡给,引渡 *extra (=outside),dit (=give)

例句:Germany has agreed to extradite Leeson to Singapore,where he will stand trial for fraud.德国同意将里森引渡至新加坡,在那儿,他将因诈骗罪而受到审判。


n. the turning over of and alleged criminal,fugitive,or porisoner by one country,state,etc. to another (国家之间对逃犯等的)引渡 *extra (=outside),dit(=give)

例句:South Korea and the U.S. signed an extradition treaty.韩国和美国签署了一个引渡协议。


adj.not related ,coming from outside 无关的;外部的 *extra (=outside)

例句:I wish we could focus on the matter and stop discussing extraneous issues.我们希望我们能集中精力讨论这个问题,而停止对无关事项的讨论。


adj.beyond what is usual or ordinary;arranged for a special purpose;specially employed 非常的,非凡的;特别的;临时的;特派的 *extra (=outside),irdin (=order)

例句:Jason has an extraordinary knowledge of cars from the 1950’s.贾森对20世纪50年代的汽车特别了解。


adj.wasteful,in the habit of wasting money,etc.;going beyond what is reasonable,usual or conventional 奢侈的,浪费的;(思想、话语、行动)放纵的,过分的 *extra (=outside),vag(=wander)

例句:Delegates to the peace talks were treated to an extravagant meal upon arriving.前来参加和平会谈的代表一到达,就应邀参加了奢侈的接待宴席。


n.extreme point,end ,or limit 极端,极度 *extr

例句:The extremity of North Korea’s situation has for the first time forced it to ask the world for aid.处于极度穷困之中的朝鲜被迫第一次向世界提出了援助请求。


adj.not a part of the real character;operating or originating from the outside;not essential 非本质的;外部的;非必需的 *extr

例句:Nervousness was one of her extrinsic characteristics.紧张不安是她的外在特征之一。


n.peron more interested in what goes on around him than in his own thoughts and felings 外向的人 *extro(=outward),vert(=turn)

例句:A sales clerk must be an extrovert like Jane or margaret.销售人员必须是像简或玛格丽特那样的外向的人。